Let’s Talk Cannabis






The mission of Healthy Novato Initiative is to mobilize the Novato community to support youth in developing the internal strengths and external supports they need to make healthy choices when confronted with high-risk behaviors. Community partners include: North Marin Community Services, North Bay Security Group, Novato Unified School District, Marin YMCA, Youth Leadership Institute.

In California, buying cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot) for recreational use will become legal for adults 21 or older January 1, 2018. Did you know that cannabis can affect the health of youth and adults?

  • Like cigarettes, smoking cannabis is harmful to your lungs.
  • Edibles may have higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you eat too much, too fast you are at higher risk for poisoning.
  • Using cannabis regularly in your teens and early 20s may lead to physical changes in your brain.
  • Parents and mentors can have an impact on whether or not youth use cannabis. Pre-teens, teens and youth in their early 20s often seek out new experiences and engage in risky behaviors, such as using cannabis. You can help prevent underage use by starting the conversation about cannabis with youth in your life, and make sure they are aware of potential consequences.

Community resources and information are available through the Healthy Novato Initiative partners, in the collaborative efforts to reduce underage drinking and substance use. Please visit Let’s Talk Cannabis.